Life is a risky business. Quit?

I rented out videos to classmates at school. I earned extra money. I didn’t study hard at A-level so went to a terrible college then quit almost immediately. I took a job in a fish and chip shop to earn some cash while I figured out what to do. I took another job in a garden centre. I moved to Windsor to work for John Lewis on their 18 month training scheme. I completed it in 9 months and quit after another 9 to start a t-shirt company. I rented a basement unit in north London with no heating and no windows but we put posters of Richard Branson on the wall. I hustled from zero and stuck it out for a year living on £30 per week on average. I got a job in the nearby Brent Cross Shopping Centre. I met my future wife. I quit after one year for a contract job in the IT department of a bank. I earned more month in the next six months than I’d ever earned before. I took a permanent contract with the bank and moved to Edinburgh. I applied to universities to study Computer Science. I quit the job and became a full time student. I moved to London, bought a house. I started a part time MBA. I started blogging. I quit my job. I didn’t have a job. I got a new job. I worked hard. Harder than I ever have (when not studying). I started two companies, got equity in a few more and helped them grow. I quit my job. I started a co-working space. I closed it after 9 months. I’ve grown 9others to 38 cities, 4,000 people and a lot of help given.

I plan on doing more of the above.